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segunda-feira, 10 de dezembro de 2007

A Thanksgiving celebration of much love:

Guests, visitors, students, apprentices, clients, ... all » teachers, staff, and community in this inspiring real video at the Tree of Life, Patagonia, AZ. Joyful, peaceful, spirit; spiritual, conscious, vegan, vegetarian, healthy live and raw organic plant-source only food. A truly happy Thanksgiving Day for all beings, human, animals, and souls. So much gratitude to be thankful for! So many people say it so well!

Music by Black Raven, from the NAMY-nomianted album "First Flight" (NAMmies=Native American Music Awards).

Best viewed in a relatively small window.

Thank you and have a wonderful weekend, season, year, and life! We are the culture of life and liberation transforming ourselves, our families, the human family, the family of life, the planet, and awakening the spark in all that is!

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